The Modern Goddess believes in evolving our consciousness, and using a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and body image, and healthy exploration. Dieting only treats a symptom, not the cause; for diets ignore two crucial facts – that we’re all different, and that body cannot be separated from mind.

Whether born in cultural and media messages, passed down from caregivers, or triggered by events, we have so much needless turmoil around food and body. Dieting is not working. Willpower is not working. Conflicting messages and information overload aren’t working. There’s a different way. The Modern Goddess looks at who you are as an eater, how your body is speaking to you through weight and symptoms, and what your body and eating is pointing to in other significant areas and personal dimensions of your life.

 The Modern Goddess looks at food and body as beautiful and insightful doorways to what’s really happening in our lives. The whole picture.

Modern Goddess COACHING for women.

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Immodesty Blaize is an international burlesque superstar, public speaker, bestselling author and certified Mind Body Eating coach. She trained with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and her work combines the powerful new fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition.  

Immodesty pours into her work her experience from 20 years of dazzling audiences in shows on global stages and television, boldly representing curvy bodies in the media industry, and using her platform consistently for her message of body acceptance and unique beauty. Today she performs, writes, holds coaching consultations, and is a respected public speaker, with examples such as speaking for the prestigious Oxford Union, Soho House Group, Rotary Club, Triumph Inspiration Awards, National Trust, and selected for TedX Monaco this year.

Do you feel out of control? Or do you tightly control, in a state of fear?
Are you eating for pleasure? Or to hide pain with a dopamine high, and a sweet experience?
Are your food choices for nourishment? Or comfort and distraction?

Do you love your body unconditionally? Or are you trying to control, restrict, starve it into submission, or hate it into a state of love?

Are you puzzled or mystified about changes in your body?

Do you feel fulfilled? Or just full?

Do you self edit, and hold back from expressing who you feel you really are?

Do you taste your food and enjoy it? Or do you mindlessly fill up?

 Do you ignore your hunger and the ways your body tries to grab your attention? Is food your friend? Or do you fear calories or think fat in food will make you fat?

 Are you living fully now? Or are you waiting for your body to change for you to be the ‘real you’?

I believe every woman is evolving to be a Modern Goddess. My team is here to help with that journey and its many challenges; using coaching, seminars, retreats and a variety of tools to help you thrive in a tough world that can wound, and prey on insecurities. 

With accurate, up-to-date nutritional information, clear mental focus and inspiration, a Modern Goddess has the confidence and wisdom to be the architect of her body, life and future. Let’s take it to the next level! 


"If any of these questions speak to you, my team is here to help you in your journey.