It’s difficult to attend to our true feelings and our true self when we’re HUNGRY - hungry for space, rest, nourishment, joy, attention, care, time, and connection.

When we tend to ourselves in this way, we can open and expand into inspired and joyful, rejuvenating experiences…to be our most fully expressed bodies and selves.

That’s why I created Modern Goddess Retreats.

European Retreats will transport you into a bubble of luxury and bliss in Europe’s most magical locations. It’s time for you to connect with the beauty of your existence, and cultivate the art of living your life.

Unable to travel? Nobody is left out. Modern Goddess Online Retreats are available, to bring workshops, classes and soundscapes to YOU in the comfort of your own space, at your own pace.



Immodesty Blaize is an international burlesque superstar, speaker, bestselling author, and certified practitioner with multiple trainings in the field of Mind-Body healing.

For over 20 years Immodesty has performed her opulent shows on historic stages across the globe for a dazzling clientele, being awarded the Queen of Burlesque title in Las Vegas in 2007. This unusual career saw her travel the world in the most creative and elaborate settings, all of which makes her the fitting Host for your own luxury, sparkling experience.

Immodesty lives on the French Riviera and is an afficionado of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and enchanting treasures. She also collaborates with and curates fellow specialists, therapists, trainers and coaches for her Modern Goddess programs.

Join her on your journey to reconnect with your true self, and flourish in the beauty of who you are.

Thank you!