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“My sessions with Kelly have changed my life, it’s not an over exaggeration to say that. When I came to Kelly I was at my wits end, I had spent a lifetime hating my body, yoyo dieting and my weight and periods were so bad my doctors thought I was in early onset menopause and pre type 2 diabetes at only 36. I was stuck in a hormonal cycle of too much testosterone, horrendous periods, mood swings, sugar addiction, binge eating, starvation and deep, life long body dysmorphia.

“She listened to my story, and understood what I was saying even when I didn’t. It’s a total physical and spiritual shift.

“Fast forward to today, only 1 year later and I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. Within 6 months of working with Kelly I stopped taking the pre diabetes medication, I have lost the weight that was hurting me and I genuinely, for the first time in my life LOVE my body.”

Catherine, 37, UK

Experience the body compassion approach

“When I began working with Kelly, I was very uncomfortable with my body. I felt there was an impossible task ahead in order to become even just comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to lose weight, create and stick to a ‘diet that works for me’ - and to feel genuinely healthy. From my dress size and changing maternal shape to the texture of my hair, nails and skin, I felt my own physical form was increasingly unfamiliar to me.

“I was stuck on ideas linked to lack of willpower and perpetual indecisions on ‘which diet to follow’. Previous attempts to maintain strict codes and menus proved very difficult and disappointing. My emotional, mental, and physical self were just not ‘agreeing’ on what I ‘should’ be doing.

“Kelly guided me to resolve (rather than solve) this apparent divide within myself. “The sessions led me to rediscover the original building blocks of my relationship with food and drink - and how my body has beautifully adapted to best protect me and support me at all times. What I needed was acceptance that my body didn’t need fixing at all, that it is an amazing partner supporting me through my whole life.

“This revelation of a spiritual, meaningful partnership with myself has resulted in the changes I had wanted to see - through the new respectful appreciation of choices without judgement or self-critique. Kelly’s compassionate approach fuels self-integration and is a beautiful path for anyone who wishes to feel wholeness - and a newly empowered sense of Self”

Kate, 40, UK

“If you only read this sentence, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend one to one sessions with Kelly. I had 12 consultations and by the end of them I was a renewed woman. With her expert guidance she helped me change a lifetime of habitual eating, lack of enthusiasm for exercise and an overall negative emotional rut. I understood the reasons behind my food choices, and how to approach new ways to look at and change my decisions, how to notice my triggers and adjust my reactions. Kelly made an impact in my life which I will be forever grateful for.”

Becky, 32, UK

“I came to Kelly with the idea that maybe I could “drop a dress size”. I no longer care about my dress size or even if I am dropping weight because I love how I feel in my skin.

“I had a lifetime of terrible programming, I was eating wrong, thinking wrong and killing myself in the process. This experience has enhanced my life in ways that I could never have imagined. Actually I have dropped a dress size but it doesn’t compare to how healthy and energetic I feel, how confidently I can choose what and when I want to eat and to be able to have a conversation with my body so I know what will make it and me happy.”

Carla, 41, France

“I didn’t feel judged with what I had to share. Kelly guided me seamlessly to some fascinating conclusions that I genuinely hadn’t considered, and helped me to see my world from a more compassionate perspective so I felt better about what I’d experienced. Thank you Kelly.”

Owen, 52, UK

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I evolved the Body Compassion approach through an integration of professional trainings, and 20 years on the international stage for millions as burlesque star and curve spokeswoman Immodesty Blaize.

Only through having been subjected to, and navigated the full range of body and beauty judgments in public for 2 decades, could I observe and function within the complex workings of a culture and media obsessed with surface.

From this rare position and vantage point, I chose to evolve my work beyond the stage, and beyond ‘positivity’ industries, to directly help people transform the quality of their relationship with their body, and heal what lies beneath the appearances they present to the world.

For so long we’ve been told, or have come to believe our body is a problem, when in fact weight, appetite, hunger, sensations, injuries, changes, symptoms, and emotions are intelligent messengers trying to show us the bigger picture of what needs to be healed.

My wealth of experience working with the body, underpinned by trauma-informed trainings including Doctor Gabor Mate’s CI therapeutic approach, clinical EFT, eating psychology, and embodied meditation teaching, are cornerstones I put in place for Body Compassion.

The doorway to a long-term state of self-esteem, knowing, confidence to fully express who we are, and engage with life as we truly are, can only be opened through meaningful recovery and healing in profound areas of our lives.

I found the stage to be an analogy for life. The carefully composed masks and tiring disguises are how so many of us show up every day. Meanwhile our bodies hold and manifest the wounds and pains of what’s beneath those appearances….all that we can’t express, all that happened to us, all that we fear, all that we hold on to, all that triggers us, all that we avoid, and all that we haven’t met, metabolised or digested.

When we can explore those unconscious dynamics running our life, and connect with our essence and our body wisdom, we can begin to experience our recovery, healing, and freedom.

Thank you!