Join me for carefully curated lifestyle and therapeutic retreats across Europe, to nourish body and mind. Luxuriate, rest, explore, beautify, celebrate, refocus, and reconnect with who you are.

This is your time to flourish.

I invite you into my world, to wake each day in your own spellbinding film come to life. Modern Goddess retreats held in selected locations, are designed for a limited number of guests. Within this intimate group, you’ll have utmost care and attention from Immodesty and her curated guest speakers and coaches to allow for individual sessions, questions, and adventures in conversation

Within a small group you have guidance, comfort, and maximum space to slow down, exhale, and renew and rejuvenate at your pace.

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Come and rendez-vous in luxury châteaux and venues in the heart of France’s Provence, where life is a bed of roses.

Immerse yourself in technicolour lavender and flower-filled dreamscapes made real. A sensory delight, the South of France offers picture-postcard views in abundance, clean air, and of course the unique magical light that attracted and inspired so many artists like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh. Raw, rustic beauty and luxury sit together in harmony, inspiring true ‘joie de vivre’. 


Step into your own magical movie in manors and castles in the heart of Italy, where you bathe in the sweetness of life.

Wake up surrounded by idyllic Umbrian or Tuscan rolling hills and wildflowers, or the blue skies and clear azur waters of Puglia. Enjoy the pleasures of sumptuous Italian local produce, and sparkling company.

Swim at sunrise, dance barefoot at sunset, and step into your most fully embodied self in the exquisite culture of Italy. 

Magic unfolds in Destination Glamour on the Cote D’Azur.

Skip the pastel streets and be delighted by palace turrets, casinos, opera, yachts and pink sunsets. Sip a coffee or a delicate cocktail where the small dogs are as coiffed as their owners, and enjoy the ornate luxury and charm of the sun drenched coast and glittering sea. Be pampered and tended to as the shining star you truly are. 

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